29 Mai

FreeVeloPoint in English

Sorry – we don’t have a English version of our website yet. But in this post you can find all the information needed in order to get a bike from us!

You can find the bikes in Schaan, Vaduz and Triesen right at the post office. The instructions are written in German & English on an information panel.

It’s important to keep in mind:

  • Usage on your own risk! We don’t take any responsibility. Insurance is the case of the use.
  • The transmission of the text message can cause costs.
  • Please bring back the bike to a FreeVeloPoint station latest after 24 hours!
  • Test the brakes and the tires before you start. In case of doubt take another bike.
  • Please take care of the bike! Keep in mind that the bikes are 2nd hand and sometimes need to be handeled with a certain care…

In any case you can contact us on our e-mail address: free@velopoint.li.
Please contact us in case of a broken bike.